About Us

Catering By Jill is unlike other Richmond Caterers because we believe the customer should never be charged for something that the caterer should have provided in the first place. Therefore, unlike other caterers, Catering By Jill, Inc. will provide at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE the following items: Glass plates, cake cutting service, real flatware, linen napkins in your choice of basic colors, buffet, beverage, and cake tables with linens in your choice of basic colors, cocktail napkins, service equipment, and beverage service equipment.

We also do not charge any additional gratuity unlike other caterers. The choice is simple, why pay more? To place an order, obtain further information, or to arrange a bridal consultation please call us at 804-262-5787, it will be our pleasure to assist you. References are of course available upon request, in the meantime read what our past customers think of the experience.